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Revs. James & Lori Goebel


     We all have a story to tell about how Jesus saved us and set us free! Our testimony of His goodness, love and power in our lives brings glory to our Father. It's important we never let the devil keep us from telling our story. Through our tesitmony we overcome and it always keeps before us His faithfulness. We are never to forget what God has done and we are to never stop telling the world about the victory we have in Jesus!

    Below are just a few of the testimonies of those God has placed in our path as we minister His Word. We pray they inspire and encourage you and bring hope to your situation and circumstance.


Here is a testimony from one man, he said this... 

"I am trying to purify my mind from sensuality and things of that nature. I made a decision with all of my heart and soul to eradicate pornography from my life. The things you (Pastor James & Lori) taught on Sunday have been prevalent in my daily activities. Romans 12:1-2 are now my memory verses and I have been applying them in every way that I can. Every day I do my best to keep my mind set on the Holy Spirit through Scripture. One of the things Lori said was "No Free Rent" (not letting ungodly thoughts run free in the mind) and now I tell myself that I cannot let wrong thoughts roam freely. "Thank you for coming to our church with worship and teaching".







One woman said this,
"I have believed so many lies of the enemy and I never really knew it, thank you for teaching the truth , it has changed my life. I also have experienced tremendous spiritual growth over this weekend".


Another man said this.....
"Through you both God spoke to me and I want to thank you for your testimony. I have struggled all my life. My dad went to prison when I was 8 years old. My mom was a prostitute and a drug addict. The streets became my home and I have been in many foster homes since I was 10 years old and I'm now 32. All of my life I knew of God, I heard of God, but I never thought that He listened to me or cared for me. My mom as troubled as she was assured me that Jesus was real because she had many miscarriages and was supposed to not be able to have children. She told me she use to cry and cry that she wanted a boy who would become a man of God. Rev. Your testimony (Rev. James and Lori) of your relationship was God's work and His will and that beats in my heart too for the love of my life Sarah. In your testimony I saw and felt God's love and assurance. God is showing me that I need to trust him and open up to Him. Thank you for your dedication to our Father and the message you shared".


Finally this woman said,
" Your ministry is anointed, to me that is very important to have in the Body of Christ. Your pulled everything out of Scriptures and not your own opinion. I thought the teaching was simple, basic and yet powerful. It was broken down to where even a new believer could understand".




"Jesus is our Lord and Saviothere is no other! Through the love of God the power of the Holy Spirit, we have met Jesus the One who pulled us out of darkness into His marvelous light.

                                                       Through our early years we lived in alcoholic homes suffering emotional trauma and abuse
                                                        which led us on a path of making destructive choices. Because of these choices we veiw
                                                        ourselves as victims and stayed in bondage for years". 


                                                      James became entangled in a lifestyle of alcohol and drugs fueled by his deep seated anger. He                                                       struggled with his identity and who he was as a man, believing the lie that he wouldn't 
                                                      amount to anything. After years of masking his emotional wounds and pain, in desperation  
                                                      he turned to Jesus. Through his new relationship with Jesus he was delivered from drugs
                                                      and alcohol. James found his true identity in Jesus and began his journey of faith,
                                                     freedom and restoration.

    Lori, through her sense of abandonment and rejection, searched for acceptance and a deep genuine love she so desperately craved. Believing she was worthless, she gave into a life filled with compromise and abuse; even to the point of aborting her own child. Confused and afraid, Lori numbed herself with alcohol and submerged herself into her work while inwardly she was slowly dying. Feeling empty and distraught, Lori cried out to God. Realizing His love for her, she received His gift of forgiveness. Jesus poured His love into her heart and gave her a new identity and purpose for living.

     Jesus exposed the lies of the enemy and James & Lori were set free of their addictions and deep emotional wounds were healed. God brought them together on their journey of faith and freedom to share the love of God. A fire emerged within their hearts creating a passion to see the lost, wounded and brokenhearted reconciled to Jesus. Today they lead others into the greatest relationship they will ever experience in their lives; a relationship with Jesus.


 James and Lori are reaching men and women in prison for Jesus and seeing their lives transformed. Through the power of the Holy Spirit they are teaching others how to receive forgiveness, healing and to apply their faith daily. Also helping them to understand their new identity in Christ.